Big Fun with the Doctor!

I remember this afternoon well. My current trio at the time with Akiko Tsuruga on Hammond and Sir Earl Grice Jnr. on drums had gathered for a 3pm rehearsal at the American Legion Post( A Harlem club on 132nd st, where I used to work Sunday nights with Seleno Clarke for several years).

We took a break and went outside to get some air, and who do we run into on the corner-none other than Dr. Lonnie Smith. He convinced us to join him for an afternoon breakfast (he said" any time of day is a good time to have breakfast"  So after we did that, we then convinced him to come back to "The Post" where we had been rehearsing, and he promptly took over the Organ for an impromptu version of the classic "Ready n' Able" that he recorded with George Benson back in the late sixties.

Little did we know we would share this afternoon with thousands.You can check it out here:








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